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A new standard of toilet efficiency // Arumloo

The first Arumloo micro-flush toilet was officially installed on 17th November. The installation marks a significant step after many years of research and development by Jonathan Harris and achieves a strategic outcome of the Water Technology Demonstration Program which has enabled the Arumloo's recent progression.

The first Arumloo microflush toilet installed

The Arumloo is a micro-flush toilet that will flush both liquids or solids on just 2 litres of water. With the majority of modern dual flush toilets providing a 3 litre small flush and 6 litre large flush, the Arumloo is set to save one third of water used for toilet flushing. Water for toilet flushing conventionally accounts for 30% of household water use.

With South Africa currently experiencing the stress of water scarcity and real effects of global warming, innovations like the Arumloo can begin to provide hope that these challenges can be overcome when we put our minds to it. Furthermore, as level three restrictions have recently been applied in the Western Cape with subsequent water tariff increases, the Arumloo will also save homeowners a considerable portion of their water bill (up to 30%).

Before you rush to your nearest hardware, take a breath. Whilst two pilot products have been installed for testing at schools in Johannesburg, the journey to full scale production will likely be a further 6 months. So hold off your renovation plans until the first products are available mid 2017, then you'll be ready to install your Arumloo and "flush with confidence".

More about the Arumloo at

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