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About us | Vision

"Restoring dignity to people and the environment in which they live."

Isidima Design and Development is an innovative engineering consultancy based in Cape Town with a passion to:


  • Build thriving, livable cities by changing the landscape of water and sanitation services within urban settlements.

  • Develop a holistic approach to water, sanitation, stormwater drainage, and river restoration.

  • Empower people to engage with the delivery of key services within their own community.

  • Apply ecological engineering and biomimicry principles to unlock infrastructure design challenges.

  • Provide dignified sanitation and life giving water.

Business Conduct and Ethics

Isidima’s ethical principles are based on the fundamental commitments which underpin the work of the company. These principles include conduct that is responsible, transparent and accountable, increases collaboration and empowerment with all partners, stakeholders and communities which the company works with. 

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