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The Water Hub


As part of the Berg River Improvement initiative, this project, funded by the Western Cape Government, will see the development of a new research facility to research, demonstrate and train in the use of Sustainable Drainage and Ecological Wastewater Treatment Systems capable of treating polluted stormwater within the South African context. Isidima is leading the technical design of the facility.

Find out more at the Water Hub website, and watch the vision for the site unfold:

BT Section Informal Settlement Upgrade


Informal Settlement Upgrade

Isidima is providing the water, sanitation and stormwater management design for the upgrade of BT Section, an informal settlement of 70 households in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. 

Plankenbrug River Restorer


Green Filter, Plankenbrug River

Working together with John Todd Ecological design, this project will treat the highly polluted water that flows in the Plankengrug River in Stellenbosch.  This project seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of ecological treatment systems to treat river water that is polluted from greywater run-off and sewer flooding.

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Botmansdrift Farm Ecological Wastewater Treatment


Informal Settlement Upgrade

Isidima was appointed by Living Lands to design and build a wastewater treatment system to accommodate new bathrooms built on to the Botmansdrift farmworkers' houses. This system functions without energy (except sunlight), chemicals or any mechanical parts, and requires minimal annual maintenance. Watch the viedo below which describes the context of this project together with additional environmental activities by Living Lands on the farm.

View Project:

The Water Hub
BT Section Settlement Upgrade
Plankenbrug River Restorer
Genius of SPACE
Monteith Ecological Treatment
Developing a Microflush Toilet
Sanitation Technology Evaluation
Durban Resilience Study
Genius of SPACE (Systems for Peoples Access to a Clean Environment)
Disposal Points
Tree Gardens
Grass Blocks, Permeable Paving

This project is being led by Biomimicry SA and funded by the Western Cape Government. The Genius of Place seeks to tap into the genius of nature and the genius of people in Langrug Informal Settlement near Franschhoek to develop innovative solutions to the management of solid waste and greywater.

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Monteith Ecological Wastewater Treatment Lagoon


Ecological Wastewater Treatment

The Monteith ecological lagoon treats the wastewater from 240 farm dwellers and the Monteith Estate near Grabouw. The project combines conventional lagoon design with enhanced ecological treatment systems to produce an effective, passive wastewater treatment system.

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Design and Development of a Microflush Toilet: The Arumloo


Arumloo logo sq.png

This project funded by the Water Research Comission has resulted in the development of the Arumloo, a toilet that can flush on less than two litres of water. The product is in production now and promises to provide a high quality low flush toilet design suited to wide range of applications.  It is available in ceramic and plastic. The design has been internationally patented: WO2016/063257 A1.

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Sanitation Technology Assessment and Evaluation Tool


Sanitation Technology Assessment

This WRC project is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, and seeks to develop a scientific protocol to assess the functionality of on-site sanitation systems.

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Durban North Entity Resilience Study


The Durban North Resilience Study is being led by Biomimicry SA and Informal South. The project is applying a biomimetic design approach to the 9000 hectare development to establish an appropriate design strategy.  Isidima is providing key inputs into the hydrological assessment and stormwater management aspects of the study.

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