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AwareThu water heroes
Now you can become a water hero too.
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Some stories from the journery...
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"I had my AwareThu Smart Meter installed in December 2017. With the app and meter we realised that almost half of our water was used by our washing machine. We've also been alerted to taps being left open and have been able to continuously reduce our water consumption. We recently hosted a family and with the savings that we've achieved through AwareThu, we were able to keep our daily consumption under 200L per day - even with 10 people in the house! We enjoy the peace of mind, knowing exactly how much water we are using even when we are not at home." Debbie, Pinelands

Jenny saved

R 7 300

in a month!

"I had a high water bill but was struggling to detect the cause.  I live on a large property and rent out rooms on Air BnB so it was difficult to work out where the high use came from.  After installing an Awarethu Smart Meter, I was able to see that the water was running through the night, and was therefore caused by a leak rather than high use by tenants.  The hidden leak was discovered and resolved and my property water use has now reduced below 50L/p/d, saving money too!"

Jenny, Rondebosch

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