Product Development

The Arumloo microflush toilet redefines toilet flushing forever with just 2 litres per flush.

After five years of development through sanitation research projects, incubation programs (Wader, GCIP) and prototyping, Arumloo production begins in 2018 in Cape Town.

With the Arum Lily for inspiration, modifications to the toilet bowl shape, P-trap and flush process have enabled a full flush on only 2 litres of water.

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The Dewdrop Greywater Treatment system recycles greywater biologically for automated, non-potable toilet flushing.

After two years of development through  incubation programs (Wader, Sarebi), 20 pilot installations and mould prototyping, Dewdrop production begins in 2018 in Cape Town.

The Dewdrop system receives greywater from bathrooms and washing machines, provides filtration through biological media and plants, and delivers clear, colourless, odourless water at pressure for toilet flushing and outdoor use.